Monday, December 04, 2006

NU, OU rehash


How should one define it? If it's done by going 9-4 (maybe, 9-5 after January 1st) then Callahan and Company did it in Lincoln this fall. When NU ended the season with four losses last year, I noted to myself that they could do the same thing in 2006 and it would be marked improvement.

Facts remains as this: the Huskers lost one they shouldn't have this year in Stillwater and stole one in College Station. That's about right. They took the defending national champions (now badly bruised, but not when they arrived in Lincoln) to the wire and should have won. They went to the Coliseum and played USC tough, though again that doesn't seem to be much consolation right now consider the UCLA Bruins and the Oregon State Beavers actually beat that team. And, they'll have also lost to a very tough, gritty (just like their coach) Oklahoma team.

It all means, basically, that Nebraska isn't a top-10 team yet. Top-20, sure. But not with the nation's elite. So, come January 1, if the Red loses to it's fourth top-10 team in as many tries this season, don't get discouraged, Husker fan. But, giving Bill Callahan a month to face the Auburn defense, the coach might find better matchups than you think.

Would 9-5 be progress? I think you can say so fairly safely -- given the quality opponents played. Would 10-4 be the another great measuring stick? Absolutely. But, it won't mean anything next fall when championships may need to be won; not played for.

Posted by Tony Chapman @ Monday, December 04, 2006 ||

BC's WC offense is a FRAUD... All he does is shift 5 times, then give it to the one RB in the backfield. WC my butt, 17 passes vs USC, give me a break... The old power option was more exciting than this garbage.. Plus, what doe he have against aggressive plays calling at the opponent's 35-40 yard line. At OSU, up 3, early 4th, 3 straight consevative runs from the Cowboy 35, missed FG...This "O" is a fraud...
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 7:02 PM
Top 25 in rushing, top 25 in Passing, Top ten Total Offense is a fraud? Dang man, TO and Frank are gone, let it go. I like this offense. i liked the option. It comes down to the players executing.

Go Big Red!
Posted by Blogger Eric Allgood : 5:02 PM
Yo Eric says let it go..Bill WILL have success, it's coming. The recruiting is looking better. The attitude is getting back to the Nebraska standards we've grown up with.
I like the new look. It's 21st century. GBR!
Posted by Anonymous HoosierHusker : 10:28 PM
The Huskers were one game (Texas A&M) better than I expected this season and could have won three more with a little luck.
The offense was the best part of the team. They did this with a QB who, despite many good qualities, is a mediocre passer who cannot scramble.
The future looks bright, but another national championship is likely to be a long time coming. After all, only one team in well over 100 wins it all.
Posted by Anonymous Gary Graul : 3:02 PM
This Nebraska Team has the talent. It isn't a matter of recruiting, or, "wow things are getting better and just wait till next year!" The talent level at NU is comparable to any other top 25 team out there. For all those waiting for recruiting to kick in, you are wasting your time. IF you can't get a Tier 1 performance with folks like Carriker and Moore, Taylor and Jackson, along with the D-line, high powered offensive running crew, etc... you ain't gonna get there.

You sit back and take the easy way out and say, " if only we had gotten lucky and beat Texas and Auburn, then we'd be 11-3!" Well let me tell you this, we could just as easily have been beaten by an unranked KU squad in Lincoln no less, who had 600 yards offense, more than NU by the way, and, took us into Overtime. We could just as easily been beaten by A&M , but for a questionable 4th down penalty that allowed us to come from behind and win the game in the last seconds.

Count your blessings you are 9-5!

Another little irrelevant fact hit us in the face this week. Now for 2 years out of 3, Bill Callahan's squad has finished OUT OF THE TOP 25. You might remember Frank only had 1 year in 6 where he failed to make the rankings. 3 or 4 of those years were in the top 15.

Most of you seem to like the 'land of mediocrity' .. Keep patting yourselfs on the back, and, after awhile you begin to believe it.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 11:51 AM
I have to agree with anonymous. The hallmarks of the BC era have been underachievement and getting outcoached game in and game out. The performance of the D, this year, at time was sickening. Any chance Coz meets the same fate as Bowles? No way!
As a program we're accepting that we cant live up to the standards of yore. Well, at least we no longer have to worry about sliding into mediocrity; we're there. No one even mentions how sad it is that we've lost 15 games in the last 3 years.
Posted by Anonymous nchusker : 8:00 AM
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