Saturday, October 28, 2006

The State of Nebraska Football

I don't update this like I should, but after watching the Nebraska, Oklahoma State game today I'm offically ready to go. Nebraska claims itself to be a proud football power, and, I think rightfully so. But, we should really analyze what this means.

Nebraska's true dominance started in 1970, playing in the Big 8. What did this mean? Well, simply, it meant if the Huskers got through the non-conference all they had to do was beat Oklahoma (really, it was the only team that could recruit the same caliber athletes as Nebraska) and all would be right in the world. So, nearly every season, Husker fans got either 9-2 or 10-1 and a bowl season.

They were only players on the national stage when they had "Sunday" players -- guys who went on to the NFL. It's true with the 1970-71 teams and it's valid for the "Scoring Explosion" teams and, finally, for the Osborne title teams. They all had Sunday talent.

Osborne's teams were much the same. 9-2, 10-1 take the bowl. Success. The fact remained that until Colorado emerged as another player, the Big 8 was brutal with a capital B save for the Huskers and either the Sooners or Colorado. It was nearly impossible not to win nine football games.

This Big 12 deal has changed everything. First, if you win the North, your about the fifth best team in the league. That's a fact for the last four years, at least. Texas, Oklahoma, Tech are all better than the North some years you could mix in A&M.

What does this all mean? Husker fans may need to realize that until some Sunday talent gets to Lincoln it's going to be tough sledding at Memorial Stadium. And, how does this relate to Oklahoma State today? Like it or not those were two evenly matched teams. The Cowboys are growing under Mike Gundy and will continue to do so. Les Miles didn't leave that cupboard empty and the Bowman kid will be a Sunday player.

Basically, the Huskers were evenly matched with what most believe to be the fifth best team in the South. Missouri has already lost to A&M and Oklahoma, and the Huskers have a little 0-2 South season going as well. Sure this goes in cycles (NU, K-State and Colorado were all very good at the same time), but Callahan was right to say today in his post-game comments that they still have the goals they set at the beginning of the year in front of them.

That's right, Bill you do. To win the North and be the sixth best team in the Big 12. Is this what Steve Pederson really had in mind?

Posted by Tony Chapman @ Saturday, October 28, 2006 ||

I said it after USC, i said it after Texas, the North is still ours. you mentioned Sunday talent, I would say Mo Purify could be Sunday talent. Brandon jackson, perhaps? The fact remains, this is a young team. Anybody who thinks we can go 9-2 or 10-1 every year like we did with TO is just plain crazy.

HS programs across the country are vastly more complex than they used to be. Kids are developing faster than ever, while maybe getting dumber than ever. Whatever it is, even if you get 4-5 Sunday players, you better have about 20 Saturday players around them. As it is, we have 2-3 sunday players, 7-8 Saturday players and a bunch of kids that should be playing for Lincoln Southeast.
Posted by Blogger Eric Allgood : 3:57 PM
(A) " The North is still ours " ?!.
Would you rather finish second in the North w/ an 10-1 overall record or finish w/ a 7 & 4 record & the North title ? .
The North title,with out an impressive W/L record to go along with it,is absolutely meaningless.
(B)Success is not assured by pairing Top 5 recruiting classes with the latest Sushi offense.
Success comes from coaches who can turn "Friday Night" talent into no excuses,butt kicking,meat eating,thunder crapping championship players. And you can't just script those attributes into more than your first 15 plays.
Posted by Anonymous Yep : 4:14 PM
BC has stated that the primary goal this year was to win the north. Saturday will determine that. Will I be happy if we finish the regualr season with 4 losses? No. But I'll be happy if we win the North, and get another chance at Texas on a (hopefully) cold, snowy, crappy day in december.
Posted by Blogger Eric Allgood : 4:46 PM
"To win the North and be the sixth best team in the Big 12. Is this what Steve Pederson really had in mind?"

By your own words "if you win the North you're about the fifth best team in the league," so what exactly do you expect Steve Pederson to do about that? It's not his fault that the South division is far easier to recruit for given their proximity to one the major recruiting hotbeds, Texas.

Would you have Big 12 jumble the teams around so that the talent levels in each division were more evenly balanced? The team is headed in the right direction and we should applaud Pederson and Callahan for how far the team has come instead of pointing fingers and trying to place blame for the weaknesses of an entire division.
Posted by Anonymous HuskerNTAMU : 9:15 AM
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