Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Husker Hoops

I certainly hope Mr. Babcock will come on the blog and give us his thoughts on the state of the Nebraska basketball team. He knows the ins and outs of the program more than anyone and certainly the history of the team.

This bunch is very disappointing to me, but I have a hard time getting to down on them. I've actually been on record to say they will make the NCAA Tournament this year. But, after watching last night, it's seem pretty simple how you beat Barry's Bunch. Press, then press, then press some more.

NU had no answers for Iowa State. It's was frustrating to watch the NU guards try to dribble through the press of the Cyclones time and time again. 30 points off turnovers is going to lose every time. It was much the same as the Creighton game. Now, if you give me the Huskers in a half court game, I might say they could beat anybody. Hopefully no other Big 12 coaches watched the game last night.

Here's to betting that Bill Self will come out in a full court defense on Saturday and try to push the tempo on the Huskers. Some would say the Huskers played a poor defensive game last night, but when you look at 30 of the Cyclones 88 points basically coming off of fast break layup after a steal you should realize that the half court defense wasn't terrible.

I certainly hope NU can turn things around and that they weren't 2-0 going on 2-3. A spilt of the next two road games with Kansas and Colorado is much needed before coming home to face Missouri on the 28th.

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