Monday, December 04, 2006

NU, OU rehash


How should one define it? If it's done by going 9-4 (maybe, 9-5 after January 1st) then Callahan and Company did it in Lincoln this fall. When NU ended the season with four losses last year, I noted to myself that they could do the same thing in 2006 and it would be marked improvement.

Facts remains as this: the Huskers lost one they shouldn't have this year in Stillwater and stole one in College Station. That's about right. They took the defending national champions (now badly bruised, but not when they arrived in Lincoln) to the wire and should have won. They went to the Coliseum and played USC tough, though again that doesn't seem to be much consolation right now consider the UCLA Bruins and the Oregon State Beavers actually beat that team. And, they'll have also lost to a very tough, gritty (just like their coach) Oklahoma team.

It all means, basically, that Nebraska isn't a top-10 team yet. Top-20, sure. But not with the nation's elite. So, come January 1, if the Red loses to it's fourth top-10 team in as many tries this season, don't get discouraged, Husker fan. But, giving Bill Callahan a month to face the Auburn defense, the coach might find better matchups than you think.

Would 9-5 be progress? I think you can say so fairly safely -- given the quality opponents played. Would 10-4 be the another great measuring stick? Absolutely. But, it won't mean anything next fall when championships may need to be won; not played for.

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