Friday, September 15, 2006

Quick Pigskin Thoughts

Some quick thoughts prior to USC.....

1. NU has looked solid and improved through two games. SC will be some kind of measuring stick for Callahan and the program.

2. Callahan is doing this right, by not defining the season with this game and maintaining it will be more important when they go to Ames and Manhattan. Amen.

3. Cosgrove needs to do something very, very, very creative on defense. I'm envisioning a 3-4 tomorrow, dropping a DT and adding Octavien. Special blitzes for Booty a must. (Speaking of him, doesn't that name sound like he assassinated a President?)

4. Nebraska will play tough, but lose it in the last say 20 minutes of the game. I've said inside of 14 points should be a victory for Husker Nation.

USC 31, Nebraska 21 ..... but gaining more respect each week.

Posted by Tony Chapman @ Friday, September 15, 2006 ||

I liked the gameplan. Try to keep it out of their offense's hands. Lucky's fumble was a killer. We had chances, but couldn't make enough plays.

But the North is still ours.
Posted by Blogger Eric Allgood : 8:36 AM
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