Saturday, October 29, 2005

NU, OU redoux

LINCOLN -- It's been awhile since this blog was updated, but the latest debacle at Memorial Stadium deserves something.

This Husker team is confusing, at best. They have a minimum of seven personalities and you almost always see each of them in every contest. Good grief.

In Saturday's not-really-as-close-as-it-looked 31-24 loss to Oklahoma, a team that isn't much different than the one that lost to TCU in week one, the Huskers never put more than two good things together at a single time.

The offense was brutal with a capitol B in the first half. Three and out and their first five possessions -- 15 plays for 19 yards. C'mon. Problem is, no one seems to want to explain anything about these slow starts in Lincolnvillle and places beyond in Big 12 country.

"I really can't (explain it)," was coach Bill Callahan's response when asked about the slow starts that seem to be lingering like a seven year itch. "We try everything we can to come out of the tunnel fast and hot, and we just did not get it done today."

Or any day in the Big 12 season for that matter coach.

It should be an indication of how much the NU offense is struggling by the coin toss Saturday afternoon when Oklahoma said, "Here, take the ball we don't care."

NU promptly delivered with a three and out, including a sack of Zac Taylor on the first play of the contest.

Before the offense even had time to sit on the bench Adrian Peterson (remember him???), ripped off a 36 yard touchdown run and -- imagine that -- the Huskers were down 7-0.

You get the drift, don't you? Everybody out there wants to be positive with this team, but as I sit here in the press box and watch ISU beat Texas A&M 21-7 it's easy to see why this Husker team is getting worse and not better.

How does 5-6 sound right now, Husker Nation? I'd be interested to see what a captain -- anyone, for that matter -- has to say about this team bouncing back.

All we get to here, though after games is Zac Taylor stick up for his line which is reapeatedly getting beat up and Corey McKeon spout off about "how lucky" the opponent is (Texas Tech) and "how difficult it is to get off a hold" today. We all know the Husker linebacker is a walking press conference, but it's time for him and his teammates to stop someone, even if it is that thing they call an offense in Lawrence, Kansas next week.

We could go on and on, but this is a blog. Speak your mind. I'll go on the record for supporting the hire of Callahan and the group NU has here, but if this isn't mediocrity I don't know what is.

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