Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Pick

Nebraska hasn't lost a homecoming game since the Purple Cats from Manhattan came to town in 1968 and walked home with a win. This spot thinks the trend continues today in Lincoln.

The Nebraska defense will give up more yards than the fans want, but will play tough in the Red Zone against Cody Hodges and the TT offense. The Nebraska offense continues their improvement with a bit more emphasis on the run to keep the ball away from the high-flying crew from Lubbock.

Nebraska wins 27-16.

Posted by Tony Chapman @ Saturday, October 08, 2005 ||

Wow, what a game. It was great to see a balanced offense, as well as a couple of TD's from the old I formation.

Unfortunately there were in my opinion two things that did us in. First, for the last few years, we have struggled defensivly against good passing teams. While this years unit is probably the best I've seen in a while, we still allowed Tech to move fairly easily in the air. There is no way with the talent on defense that they should have even gotten close to the red zone at the end of the game.

Second, is sloppy play which is unfortunately something we've seen a couple of times this year. Penalties and fumbles turned what should have been a fourth quarter touchdown into a field goal. A fumble after an interception lost the game.

That being said, I think that Bill Callahan won over a lot of fans today. Maybe we should call it the Midwest Offense. Regardless, this is a good team and they will win many more than they lose. I would still put this team against any in the top 15 and I think they can play with them.

Go Big Red!!
Posted by Anonymous Kevin : 6:47 PM
Kevin - Thanks for blogging. It was quite a game Saturday and your points are well taken. In fact, right on.

The pass defense, I think, is much better that you point out. Save the opening awfulness by the Big Red and Texas Tech had 70 yards of TOTAL offense from the time it was 21-0 until the last five minutes. To me, that's saying something.

And, even at the game you got the sense that the Big Red needed to get a touchdown the last time they had the ball. LeKevin Smith's fumble didn't lose Nebraska that game, that's for sure.

One thing I think is always going to be a tell tail sign of this Nebraska team is this: Did we win first down? Keep note the next few weeks. Can the defense put the opponents into 2nd and 8 often and can the offense be in 2nd and 5 more than 2nd and long. If these factors are in Nebraska's majority count on a few more wins for NU.
Posted by Blogger Tony Chapman : 3:26 PM
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