Monday, December 26, 2005

Alamo Bowl Thoughts

CHARLESTON, SC -- Now that the Christmas presents are done and we've caught up on a little much needed rest it's time to think about the pressing issues at hand for Thursday.

First off, I think the Huskers are in a tough spot here but we shall see what Callahan and Co. can whip together for the Mastercard Alamo Bowl against Michigan. NU is facing one of the most talented (on paper), yet underachieving, teams in the nation. This Michigan outfit is probably only a Tennessee disaster from being the most disappointing team in college football for 2005.

The Wolverines have a load of talent on the field, are the only team to beat JoePa and had a slew of other close losses. Certainly I wouldn't have figured a matchup between the two was likely when I watched the Wolverine, Notre Dame game in week two prior to travelling to watch the NU, Wake Forest game. That sentence there should serve as a victory for Husker fans.

NU reads an 11-point dog in most betting services and it could be a kind. But, then again, who knows with either of these teams? They've both had roller coaster seasons.

Do we get the Michigan which beat Penn State vs. the Nebraska which lost to Kansas? Go Blue 55-10. Or, do we get the Michigan team which lost a heartbreaker to Ohio State vs. the Nebraska team which lost a heartbreaker to Texas Tech. Still Blue 31-20. Or, do we get the lackluster bunch that blew the game to Minnesota, Michigan team vs. the inspired go on the road and do what nobody expects Husker group. Huskers 28-17.

You can see it's tough to know where this game is going, which is why it was probalby worth less than five points on your bowl pool sheet.

Either way this thing ends up it should serve as improvement in Husker Nation. Face it, you would have laughed at the notion of heading down to the Riverwalk after Christmas -- I know I have a neighbor who feels that way. What NU accomplished this season was steady, but sure, progress. And, let's face it with the 2006 slate that was put together 7-4 next year might be another improvement.

Happy bowling, I've got to get my clubs ready for some South Carolina golf this week.

Posted by Tony Chapman @ Monday, December 26, 2005 ||

Did the bowl game get moved to tomorrow (Thursday), as the first sentence of this post (above) indicates? I guess I'll just watch some Law & Order re-runs tonight......
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12:52 PM
Ooops. I guess this little break got my days mixed up. Hope everyone is ready to enjoy the contest!!!
Posted by Blogger Tony Chapman : 7:09 PM
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